Brodashaggi, Sabinus, Brain jotter top 2022 list of Skitmakers

Brodashaggi, Sabinus, Brain jotter top 2022 list of Skitmakers
Brodashaggi, Sabinus, Brain jotter top 2022 list of Skitmakers
Top 2022 list of Skit makers

Award-winning skitmakers, Brodashaggi and Sabinus have ranked the top Skit Makers list in Nigeria

According to a list released by digital analytics firm, Dataleum, on Monday, entertainer Samuel Perry, also known as Broda Shaggi, emerged the top skit maker on Instagram in Nigeria in 2022.

The list, which is published quarterly, reports on the skit making sector of the entertainment industry.

Following Brodashaggi on the Top skitmakers list of 2022 was Sabinus also known as Mr Funny. Brainjotter, Cute Abiola, and Taaooma, also ranked top on the list.

According to the firm, from January to December 2022, Broda Shaggi posted 270 skits on his Instagram page, resulting in over 175 million views. The skit maker topped the chart in the first quarter of 2022, and followed closely in the second place in the remaining quarter.

It isn’t surprising to see Brodashaggi ruling the skit making world as his unique blend of comedy and storytelling, is unparalleled.

Sabinus also saw great success in 2022, recording impressive growth in followers and garnering over 169 million views from 191 skits.

Brainjotter, Cute Abiola, and Taaooma, also featured in the top five, recorded 95.9 million views, 94.5 million views, and 88 million views respectively. Taooma was the only female in the top five, making her the Queen of Skit Making.

Top quarterly list of Skitmakers

This new list comes as a surprise as Sabinus was leading the skit making world in the second and third quarter of 2022.

Recall that the Top Skit Makers on Instagram for the third quarter were Sabinus and BrodaShaggi.

The data intelligence and digital eco-system company Dataleum published its quarterly insight which made this information public.

Sabinus took the coveted crown for Male Instagram Skit Maker in the third quarter, while Maryam Apaokagi, aka Taooma, won the title for Female Instagram Skit Maker.

For the quarter under review, Sabinus’ skits received 47 million views. 44 million people watched him during the second quarter.

With 46.4 million Instagram views, BrodaShaggi, 20.8 million, Cute Abiola, 18.9 million, and Lasisi Elenu, the fifth man on the list, came in close second place to him.

Taooma received 16.9 million views in the female category, which is a decrease from the 24.2 million views she received in the second quarter.