After previously dumping her for side chics, Yewande Adekoya’s husband reconciles with her on birthday

Yewande Adekoya
Yewande Adekoya

Abiodun Thomas, the husband of actress Yewande Adekoya, has attempted reconciliation in a birthday letter to her.

According to NGV, Nollywood actress Yewande Adekoya said in 2022 that her 8-year marriage had ended because of her husband, actor and producer Ishola Abiodun’s, infidelity and his on-going emotional abuse of her.

Ishola Abiodun has allegedly been emotionally abusing her for the past 14 years by talking to her inappropriately, failing to be there for her, and engaging in constant relationships with new women, according to Yewande, her spouse whom she genuinely loves.

Actress Toyin Adewale wrote “Amen in Jesus name, happy birthday beautiful mummy precious, God bless your new year and more”

Actor Femi Adebayo also wrote “Happy birthday aya Abiodun”

Some fans were also quick to judge Thomas Abiodun and crucify him for the post.

One Olufunmi wrote “She’s now one and only wife 😍thank u Jesus….side chics don pafuka…… happy birthday to our darling Virgin Mrs Buga😂😂……I celebrate you beautiful Omo Elemosho”

One Tinuke wrote “I hope people identify when a manipulator is at work and doing what they know how to do best. Why give pain and succor at d same time. One and only wife my foot”

It’s interesting to note that in his recent public birthday message to Yewande Adekoya, Mr. Abiodun Ishola Thomas has reclaimed her as his wife and partner.

“Happy birthday to my one and only wife, my iya ijebu my friend and partner, may God continue to bless everything that has to do with you, no evil shall come your way, you shall continue to live to proclaim the power of the living God, may your light never go dim by the special grace of God, enjoy your big day darling INU E A DUN, AYO E A KUN D’ALE”

Although the actress is yet to acknowledge his reconciliatory move, some colleagues in the industry have reacted.